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  • Igor Izotov

    Igor Izotov

    Enterprise Solutions Architect @ AWS. Opinions shared are my own.

  • freeCodeCamp


    This account is now inactive. Follow our community’s Medium publication instead: https://medium.freecodecamp.org

  • Jeff Hollan

    Jeff Hollan

    Senior PM Lead for Microsoft Azure Functions. I help build cloud stuff, and love serverless. Thoughts shared are my own.

  • Ankur Biswas

    Ankur Biswas

    Web Developer 👽 | Travel Freak ✈️ | Audiophile 🎶 | Soccer Lover ⚽️ | Foodie 😋

  • Indy Singh

    Indy Singh

    Software Engineer, UK

  • Daniel A. Bloom

    Daniel A. Bloom

    Daniel Bloom is a young, self taught, entrepreneur and the Founder of Bloom Cyber Defense, LLC — http://bcdefense.com — Twitter: @bcdannyboy

  • AppSecure, Inc.

    AppSecure, Inc.

    Making The Internet More Secure

  • Bert Wagner

    Bert Wagner

    .NET Web Developer. Loves SQL, C#, and the IoT.

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